An exciting new development in education is the STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math) approach, formerly STEM. Not since the beginning of the space race in the late 1950’s has the knowledge of science, technology, engineering and math been at the forefront of curriculums for students. Art (the “A) was added to integrate learning of STEM subjects into application, creativity and ingenuity and design principles.

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Celebrate Steam

Welcome to Celebrate STEAM. Many of you are familiar with and have participated in the Celebration of Our Mountains events here in the El Paso Southwest. Along with hiking and mountain biking and several other outdoors recreational activities, Celebration of Our Mountains seeks to teach people of all ages about the geology, ecology and biology of this beautiful part of the Chihuahuan Desert where we live.

Now Celebrate STEAM offers the same type of field trips to all by visiting places here in El Paso valuable for scientific, technological, engineering, art and mathematics. This season you will visit the El Paso Electric Power Station and Solar Facility, see the engineering projects at El Paso Water’s TECH2O, tour the labs of the Cardwell Collaborative, visit KVIA and learn more about the art and science of broadcasting, go to an exhibit about environmental ethics at the El Paso Art Museum, see Biodiesel production at Global Alternative Fuels, check out some UTEP science labs and see the hospital robotics at east campus of the Providence Hospitals of El Paso.

Celebrate STEAM is not just for students. It is also for their parents, teachers and all adults who are curious about science, technology, engineering, art and math.

Please join us for one or some or even all our field trips. You will marvel, and you will learn.

Jim Tolbert, Director

Celebration of Our Mountains and Celebrate STEAM