11Jun, 2018

Summer Bucket List

This list comes from an emailed newsletter by educationcloset.com: Arts Integration and Steam. It’s great advice for teachers and really for anyone. Just plug in your own profession. I especially like #2 – “Get out in nature. Garden, take walks, …

03May, 2018

Contribute to CelebrateSTEAM

Celebration of Our Mountains is the parent of CelebrateSTEAM. Those who sponsor and contribute to one sponsor and contribute to the other. Both Celebration of Our Mountains and CelebrateSTEAM have been blessed with good sponsors who have helped with design …

19Apr, 2018

A Must Attend Event

Our tour of the El Paso Electric power plant and solar facility was a huge hit. Most of us are interested in renewable energy. That is why the debate between El Paso Electric Company and private solar users and enthusiasts …

13Apr, 2018

Fab Lab a Hit!

What's that in the corner? A 3D Scanner! Military kids love it so they can make an action figure of a parent going overseas. That's for starts.
10Apr, 2018

To Be Continued . . .

Great news! CelebrateSTEAM events have been great successes. So, rather than being just a late winter/early spring program of events, CelebrateSTEAM will continue each month with one or two events. Our May event: a tour of the Jonathan Rogers Treatment …

21Mar, 2018

Civil Engineering and Land Preservation

Please see the elpasonaturally¬†post about today’s meeting at the Public Service Board. Civil engineering is a must for developing land. The report of the Preservation and Conservation Planning Committee to the Public Service Board is a must read. 121132017_Final_EnrichEnhanceElevateEP2